Are you looking for an amazing Mini Australian Shepherd Puppy?  We think ours are the some of the BEST mini Aussie puppies around. Why?  Because our sires and dams aren’t just puppy makers, they are our PETS.  From the day puppies are born, they are smothered with love, affection, and care.  By flooding our puppies with human interaction, different sounds, experiences, and environments, your puppy comes to you well socialized, recognizing that great things come from humans.

Our dogs are raised on our 25 acre horse farm in North Texas. We even start the potty training process for you.  While you’ll need to socialize and train your puppy when you get it, most our our puppy owners tell us their dogs are 90% potty trained at just 12 weeks old.

Contact us for more information, or to reserve your Mini Aussie companion.